Are you aware of how many species are in danger of extinction? We can’t talk about all in just one post, and will only highlight a few of them. We can’t allow this to keep going on.


The Black Rhino

In the last six decades alone, the population of Rhinos has declined by a whopping 90%.  This decline in numbers has been attributed to poaching. Recent conservation measures have seen this number increase to over 4000 up from 3,000 in the mid-nineties.


Celebs Crested Macaque

Found in the Northwestern part of Indonesia. The celebs as they are commonly known have been heavily hunted as pets and bush meat mainly because of their devastating effects on food crops.


The greater Bamboo Lemur

Found in Madagascar, less than 200 of them are believed to exist. The rapid decline in their number has been attributed to the widespread clearing of their rainforest habitat.


Lowland Gorilla

Thanks to widespread hunting for its meat their numbers have significantly reduced. The decline in their number has also been attributed to the high deforestation rates in Central Africa.



Madagascar fish eagle

The Madagascar fish eagle has been one of the causality of the high rates of deforestation in Madagascar. The development of wetlands areas for rice paddies has also been linked to the decline in their numbers.


The Siberian Crane

The loss wetlands have heavily impacted on the Siberian crane with their numbers having decline significantly in the past few decades.