Just like we do, dogs love food treats. And for caring dog owners it is very important to know that what their furry friends are eating is safe! Do you believe that your dog deserves the same kind of quality ingredients that you have?

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4Legz is an All Natural Dog Treats company specializing in wholesome and organic cookie for your dogs.

“Made of Ingredients you can Pronounce” – A statement made by one of our customers that best summarizes what we do!


4Legz was created by Cynthia Murray along with her husband John. Born deaf, Cynthia has a unique outlook, derived at making treats due to her former hearing dog “Odie” that was very sensitive to many foods, and suffered various symptoms include severe skin rash and digestive issues.

They started 4Legz with the idea of freshly baked natural treats made out of wholesome ingredients. Treating your pet to a cookie is supposed to be fun, so Cynthia and  John wanted to get beyond the dog biscuit and developed some recipes that are sure to bring a smile to you as well! They have created 6 unique types of treats to pick from: Dognutz, Kitty Roca , Ode 2 Odie, Organic Pumpkin, Organic Sweet Potatoes and Chehalis Mint.

More and more pet lovers prefer to pamper their dogs with healthy, natural foods and treats.

4Legz Dog Treats are made of Ingredients you can pronounce

“We produce a treat that contains nothing harmful to dogs. We thrive at making our treats 100% Non-GMO”.

How to purchase it!

If you are interested in trying 4Legz dog treats, visit www.4legz.com to get started!

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