This is Love

A monkey has been spotted cradling a ginger kitten in an Indonesian forest. The young long-tailed macaque monkey was snapped protectively nuzzling the little cat by amateur wildlife photographer Anne Young. Ms Young was visiting the Monkey Forest Park in the Ubud region of Bali when the shots were taken. Macaques are the most widespread genus of primate on the planet besides humans.

  • Everyone likes to love not just people. Here are some of the animals how they love each other…

  • TAlimpoutaki

    A very nice expression of love in the animalĀ“s world!!!

    Greetings from Holland

  • Tirellil

    Love exists in all souls!!! Love this!!!

  • :)

    if we were like animals there would be no war

  • Rubyred4me

    How adorable, all creatures need love, and comfort.

  • Mack

    This is nonsense. The monkey has displaced feelings and latches onto the kitten as a substitute. If we were like animals we would be eaten! There is no love here, just misplaced instincts. Don’t foool yourselves!

  • Rockon

    The female monkey must of recently lost a child. Don’t be fooled, these creatures cannot know morality. When enough monkeys are hungry, this kitten’s days are numbered. Mack’s comment below is correct.

  • b

    they cant know mortality? you should read more or study a book,there is several studies and documents of animals recognizing death, after all we are ANIMALS and we understand death right?

  • DonnaBianca

    The monkey may love the cat, but we have no idea how the cat feels about all this. In all the pictures the monkey is holding the cat close. Cats do not like to be held all the time, and for the cat’s own health and well-being he needs to be free to run around and climb trees. Only if we could see the cat following the monkey around, of his own free will, could we say this is a mutually beneficial or at least consensual friendship. But from all the photos here, it does not look like the cat is being given any choice about the matter. And that is cruelty, not kindness.

    (I’m assuming the cat is male, because almost all orange tabbies are.)

  • Cannibal

    Then perhaps “love” in humans is also “misplaced instinct”. It is illogical to take the same observation and make disparate conclusions for different species simply because two creatures have different phenotypes i.e. if both a human and a monkey display the same behaviour, you cannot decisively say the behaviour originates for drastically different reasons; particularly as behaviour itself is used to judge potential for thought. Also, love is complicated, yet simple.

  • Cannibal

    Humans have killed animals that are in their care, even pets – that’s a huge betrayal, especially if you are arguing that humans should be superior in intellect and emotion.
    So, by your logic, if this monkey (non-human) kills another creature, we shouldn’t judge too harshly, as, by your logic, such behaviour is merely animal nature. However, what to do with those humans that have killed animals that are in their care and these humans know about morality? Are humans not worse?
    Knowing something is wrong * going ahead with it anyway = evil
    Not knowing something is wrong * doing the wrong thing = lack of mental development

    Evil must me destroyed; lack of mental development can be forgiven, perhaps even fixed.