It is known that lot of people have some kind of phobia. One of the most common phobias is fear from animals. That fear has often reasonable because of the nature of predator animals but also it is just unjustified fear for the most of time. Everyone will tell you that there is not much use of fear, especially when you are in situation to have encounter with some beast-dog or similar. The best thing you can do is to stay calm and to focus all of your brain activity on self defense.
Here you can see a list of some of the most horrific animals that should scare you but remember, they are just animals and while you think they are so scary that you can’t breath, they are actually scared of you and they could eventually attack only because they are afraid of you.


Bears should be actually latest animal to be afraid of, because all of us used once to have a little teddy bear toy. The most concerning facts about grizzly bears is that they are amazingly fast even they weight several hundreds of kilos. If you’re planning a trip to the wood please check if there is some kind of guide how to avoid them.

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Wolf has been a subject of different horror stories for a long time. It has been an unavoidable way to scare the kids in rural areas. With the development of movie industry, wolfs and werewolves have became a part of plenty of horror movies.

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For the most of males this could be pretty funny. Small fast nasty animals can really be scary for some people out there, in this case, mouses often scare females. It is interesting that they are not dangerous at all and they even can’t bite but some people are freakingly afraid of them.

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Unlike the mouse, piranha is some real threat. It has been the subject of several horror movies and I have to admit that they scared me a little bit since I never knew before watching those movies that such kind of fish even exists. But the truth is that this kind of fish prefers to eat already dead bodies, however, if you see some of them, keep the distance from them.

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Here is one more animal, that often has a villain role in horror movies. The fact that there is about hundred shark attacks reported every year worldwide scares a lot of swimmers. Only a several species of sharks are potentially dangerous for human.

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Small bugs and spiders, especially the fast ones, always scared me a little. Some people have extreme phobias of spiders and they can be scared even with the picture of spider. In tropical areas this fear is pretty justified because there are some poisonous species of spiders.

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When I was kid, I was running home in sunset and I experienced to be hitten by some crazy bat right in my head. I was pretty surprised and little bit scared at the time but later I found that there is not much reason to fear of them. There is a very few of species of bats who can drink the blood like vampires, but one good slam will probably take any bat from the course of attacking you again.

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Bees can be very dangerous because there is a lot of people who are allergic to their venom. Those who are allergic, they have to be very careful not to be bitten by bee because a single bite can be deadly for them. There is a several movies which includes bees as major villains who try to overtake the world from humans.

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There is not much to tell about the fear of snakes. They are often poisonous and they are sneaky that is enough reasons not to like them. About 30.000 people are killed by snake’s bite every year. It is important to know that, despite the fact that they have so deadly weapon like their venom is, they attack when they feel unsafe and when they see a threat in your behavior.

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This one is pretty unknown worm but that doesn’t stop me to put it as the most horrific animal on this list. They can be found in Central Africa’s rainforests and they can cause really scary disease which may cause some worms to grow in human’s eye. In order to remove them from the eye, medics are forced to do not so comfortable operations on eye which includes scalpel and cutting.

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  • This Blog is very nice.

  • Your Posts are always Amazing!

  • Dustin

    One thing is wrong about the snake part, yes tonnes of people are afraid of them. However a good majority of them are not venomous (Non are poisonous, which is an ingested not injected toxin). There is truly no reason to be afraid of snakes unless you provoke one of the venomous species. Ignorance can be a big cause of fear with snakes.

    Reptile Keeper for several years and frequent field herping participant (Field work with reptiles)

  • this is amazing and really good really i afraid of that wolf

  • Kat

    You mention that “mouses often scare females.” I’m a woman and occasionally I’ve yelped when I’ve been surprised by a mouse. And so have my three male roommates. They scream like crazy when one or two mice scamper around our kitchen.

    You might want to avoid old-school generalizations about women next time. It’s boring and unattractive.

    Also — bees don’t bite or have venom. They sting.

  • Kat

    I apologize, my last comment was pretty harsh. But please be sensitive to negative stereotypes in the future. Thanks for the great blog!

  • Elemenopy

    Kat is commenter for this blog with apparently the raw nerve variety. She called your type of stereo negatively. But I bet she doesn’t want the rodents to scramble her legs up. NoSir! You call them while you see them okay!!!

  • Kourtneyb10

    The only animal I fear and truly fear on this list is the Great White Shark. I have a deep fear for those creatures but I have no idea why. With wolves I feel that they are beautiful and should be respected. In many ways wolves share many qualities with humans, they mate for life, they are wonderful devout parents, they live in communities and have the ability to love. Same with Bears they are extraordinary parents and will do what ever it takes to protect their off spring…just as most humans would. Mice, are nothing to be afraid of…neither are spiders…just keep your distance and respect all animals.

  • Firebird_43

    I…”bitten” by a BEE? Bees STING!
    Piranhas also prefer struggling, living prey, in low water, and mostly if the prey is weakened or at least in some kind of distress. There are catfish in the very same waters at night that are far, far scarier, and far less remorseful. They tear chucnk out of you.
    The Loa Loa worm is…okay that one is creepy. By far the only animal on this list that scares me XD
    Scutigeras (giant centipedes), Irikunji (can’t spell, but they’re tiny jellyfish like creatures that can slip past jellyfish nets), Quolls (fierce predatory marsupials that are so fierce males often eat females when they’re not in heat) and Wasps that lay eggs inside other creatures that hatch and eat the animal alive are far scarier XD
    And let’s not forget Humans, the most insidious, horrible animals of them all, supassing all others in cruelty and aggression.

  • Firebird_43

    *chunks. lol spell fail

  • Firebird_43

    I live in Australia, and very rarely do I have problems with snakes. I live near the bush and near farmland, which is prime habitat for some venomous species. (King Browns, Red Belly Black Snakes, the occassional Taipan)
    I even walked alongside a brown snake at night (not on purpose mind you…never saw the thing until I was right beside it XD), and all it wanted to do was find some warm road to curl up on.
    Learning to not walk in long grass on a hot day, and to use steady, loud footsteps when you aren’t sure usually frighten even the most deadly of species, provided you don’t live in an area where Asps reside.

  • Itsmenikki63

    I am a woman and I own a mouse… so obviously I’m not afraid of them. There are men AND women who are afraid of mice. Like Kat said, please refrain from using stereotypes. I do not know where you are from, but when you post things on the internet, the whole world can see it. You do not know who you will offend.

  • Chloe

    I have been bitten by a bee

  • Sand King

    What about lions and tigers those are very scary, you forgot to put them up there.

  • Armira

    I agree with you