• Amy

    This is due to the fact these are VERY high-energy dogs. Husky’s are not city dogs or a dog that will lay around the house. These are working dogs with a HIGH drive to work. If they are not exercised a great deal (literally, outside runs and walks for several miles) these dogs WILL destroy your home. They are wonderful dogs but they are bred for a purpose and that purpose is not to sit on your couch when you are not home and veg-out. Get a bull dog if that is what you are looking for and never get a puppy. Get an older dog. If you are highly active and live in a cooler climate, get a husky. Otherwise this is NOT the breed for you.

    Do your research before you get a dog. No one deserves to end up in a shelter b/c their owner didn’t do their homework.

  • Stacey Cook

    Too bad I didn’t see this before I got mine. He is the sweetest dog, an attention hog, very playful, a great protector, and has never had an ‘accident’ in the house- but…
    He loves taking one thing out of the trash at a time and tearing it up then getting another object, loves chewing on books, really loves chewing on my kids stuffed animals, there really isn’t much they won’t chew on. If anyone ever tells you huskys get along with cats don’t believe them-huskys think cats are put on this earth for them to chase around, bark at, and occasionally chew on.

  • Stacey Cook

    I would never send Lycan to a shelter, and I did do research on Huskys before I got him. You would be surprised how many varying opinions you will hear or read. I take him walking and running every day as long as it isn’t raining. When I got him he was 1 1/2 years old so not a puppy. I don’t think they chew on everything you own just because they want to expel some energy- I think they just like chewing on everything. I would suggest to husky owners: Keep your husky supplied with plenty of chew toys. When we got ours one of those giant jumbo bones he chewed on it all day long and left our things alone. 😉

  • Ariel

    There are too many people who don’t know how to train their dogs, as made obvious by these photos. Don’t blame the breed, blame the owners. Anyone who does their research knows that this is a dog of the working group, and therefore REQUIRES to have activities to keep them happy. They need to expel their energy somehow and if you can’t provide that, this is what happens. They are restless, they chew, they tear, they scratch, they’re BORED.

  • Timmay

    He is a Wolf. Let him do whatever he wants.

  • Huskies are very much like wolves so they need to be out there and play.

  • Tania Anders

    with dogs like this, you must have, not only a strong personality, but also time to play with them, they are very human depended, well, my were/are.