During the last months we have shared with our fans on Facebook lots of cute, amazing and funny pictures of our furry friends… Oh-oh, ok-ok, don’t be angry: not all of you are furry (alert of thin-skinned fish in the first picture!!).

Ok, so, what are we saying… oh yes: lots of lovely animals in pictures.
And there is something lovelier than babies? Yes: baby animals!

We love dichotomies: wrinkled vs smooth, old vs young, cute vs “ugh!”… Comparisons are never fair: poor puppy, so young and already having to be compared to this lovely dog!

Check this young giraffe and her big eye looking directly through your screen. She is saying: love me please!

Do you prefer something fresher? Look this seal! She is more cuddly than a teddy bear!

But sure that when she goes swimming she ends like our next friends…

Laughing? Post a picture of you in the hairdresser!
Oh, ok, sorry, let’s make peace, shake hands and give me a hug… like the koala of the next picture. What a serious dog!

Let’s through him a stick, sure he will be as happy and playful as this frisky pal.

Do you know who else loves sticks, leaves and acorns? Name him Skip the Squirrel! Don’t you like the name… then, suggest another one!

Mmm… but how’s that possible! We are arriving to the end of the post and… where are the cats?

Here they are! And the best is for the end: our great, incredible, awesome, amazing, unique… the ElectroKitty!!

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