Clothing for chickens

A range of fashion clothing for chickens has been launched by a group of designers working in Austria and Japan, including jackets, suits, and custom t-shirts.

Austrian Edgar Honetschlaeger said he decided to work with the Japanese on the project because he hoped to make the chicken label clothing essential.
Several farmers have already had chicken suits with the name of their farm ordered and many advertisers have enquired about the possibility of having sponsored suits promoting everything from KFC to chicken soup.

The chicken suits come in various sizes, and had their first presentation in the Austrian pavilion of the World exhibition in Nagoya, Japan, where 20 chickens paraded a catwalk with Mozart music playing in the background.
The chicken suit collection will continue its world-wide tour.

18 Responses to “Clothing for chickens”

  1. Ralph Lauren

    Very interesting post.It is said that The love for beauty is a nature of all human beings
    .but i wanna say including chickens . :)

  2. Mark Fades

    Oh how cute is that! At first I thought it was just a very appealing title and means something else. I love the Japanese flag costume!

  3. Akersnick

    Good Lord – I am sketching a pattern to make clothes for a chicken right now…..

  4. lisa

    sponsored suit?? from KFC to chicken souP??
    so let’s see.. not only are you going to force these extremely timid creatures to parade around in useless ‘suits,’ once again for human pleasure, but they are to wear a suit that reads on it their eventual subjugation and demise? that is sadistic. it is dissociative.

  5. Andrea

    I have a pet chicken… Rosie. Never imagined how smart chickens were until I got her. I’m able to order diapers for her online but clothes are very hard to find, Very cool idea!

  6. Laura Napolitano

    My chickens are NOT timid. I’d actually like these clothes because a couple of them moult very badly during the winter, and need to stay warm until the new feathers come in.

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