Can all animals swim

Most animals are good swimmers. In fact, they can swim from the time they’re born. But some animals have to be taught how to swim. This group includes people, gorillas and chimpanzees. Once people learn how to swim, they can swim for long distances if they practice enough. Human beings must learn to swim, but most other animals are born with the ability. The bodies of all animals, including humans, are naturally buoyant. With most animals the nose stays above water. This determines whether or not an animal can swim without having to learn how. With their nose above the water, most animals can breathe naturally as they swim. People and apes, however, must learn to swim without taking in water through their nose or mouth.

This pictures present some animals which enjoy in that

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  • ceepeevijayan

    Not just swimming. We have been leading the life of a “caged animal” for so long that our ability to search for food, hunt,find a mate etc etc based on our own senses along with information embedded in our systems- that is to say, accumulated knowledge of our previous generations such as navigation skills (like the migratory animals, moths, fish and birds)slowly started receding in its content.Where as the other animals, birds, fish and even worms go about their lives based on such ‘stored’ information unhindered, our babies look the most helpless.Where as most newly hatched lizards are capable of hunting from the moment they come out of the egg , the newly hatched males of some wasps (the wasp in ‘fig and wasp’) come out and copulate with the females as their first duty, the disappearance of most of our ‘faculties'(swimming included) look justifiable though – because we are the ones prima facie responsible for almost all the ills our mother nature is forced to pass through.

  • R.H.V.

    I really wish that we (humans) had all of our instincts and stuff as when we didn’t have technology (screens, houses, fridges etc. We would all be so much healthier!

  • Benna

    Humans and apes CAN swim the moment they’re born. All animals can. Some babies might need help learning how to pick their heads up to breathe but by the definition of swimming they instinctively know how.

  • We do. We may not know what to do with the knowledge, but we are still the same creature. Evolution creates changes over thousands and thousands of years – we have only had technology for a couple of hundred.

    Modern technology has also brought knowledge about ourselves. We live longer, on average, than we did in consequence. We also have the knowledge to be much healthier than our ancestors. However, knowing how and avoiding too much sugar, are two different things!