Black bear … It is much information about them. However, only some of them are interesting and just a few of them are related to that what they are, in fact! In this post, we will try to present 12 facts about black bears:

1. Not all black bears are actually black as some of them are blue-black, brown, cinnamon, dark brown or even white.

2. Black bears are known for their swimming capabilities, they can swim for about 1- ½ miles in fresh water.

3. Black bears use different sounds to express a wide variety of emotions. For example, when they are relaxed they combine a lot of grunting sounds and when they are scared, they make a loud blowing noise.

4. A black bear that is standing on its hind legs is not necessarily about to charge. Sometimes he just attempts to smell and see whatever it is that made him curious.

5. Although many people affirm that black bears aren’t able to run downhill, as a matter of fact they are excellent runners and have the ability to run uphill and downhill as well as they do on flat ground. They have the possibility to run with a remarkable speed of up to 60 km/h.

6. Black bears are known to be very intelligent animals that have a remarkable long-term memory and far better navigation skills in comparison with the humans. All of them are individuals and very often they share resources, security and friendships.

7. Although many consider them to be a real threat, black bears are actually tolerant and gentle animals that can be very playful, empathetic, fearful, social and quite joyful. They show very predictable behavior and this bad reputation as mean, harmful animals is entirely false. The mother bears are known to be extremely protective and devoted, very sensitive and attentive and very affectionate with their little cubs.

8. Black bears enjoy large forests as these can offer them a wide variety of foods which they need. They enjoy eating a wide variety of foods, for example: succulent greens, insects, acorns, and mixes of fruits, acorns, assorted nuts and of course, meat. Wetlands and lowlands provide tender, succulent vegetation and woodland pools and streams are important for drinking and cooling off.

9. Male and female black bears cannot tolerate each other’s company with the exception of the breeding period.

10. Black bears compensate their poor eyesight with very developed senses of hearing and smell.

11. In the autumn, black bears eat all that they can find in order to put on weight for the long and difficult winter’s hibernation. An average woman eats about 1,600 calories a day and in comparison with a female bear that scoffs 15,000 calories per day, it is a piece of cake. Naturally, bears drink a great deal of liquids to wash down all this food.

12. Speaking of the hibernation period, black bears have the ability to survive without food for up to seven months during this period.

This would be the end of this post. We hope that you enjoy, if you have some interesting facts about black bears , share it with us and leave it in the form of comments on this site.

  • Interesting read, thanks! I finally see the larger picture 🙂

  • very interesting – lots of stuff I didn’t know about bears (and they can run downhill!!)

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  • Firelizard379

    This is pretty good information, but the picture of the roaring bear’s face and the one eating a salmon jumping out of the water are grizzlies, not black bears.

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    thats true

  • bailey

    that true fireliserd 379

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    so cool! i have a project to do and i did nit know bears were this cool, i thought bears were kinda scary but they are kinda cool! Now I LOVE BEARS! i am not so sure if i like grizzly bears yet!!!

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    same with me i learned alot

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    i recently shot my first black bear. I blasted him with 300 mag!

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    I am doing a project on black bears and I think they rock(so far)

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  • These are beautiful bears and grizzly o rnot, there awesome

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    i like bears

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    they are my favorite animal

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    Bear are NOT predicatable! Don’t trust them!

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    Agreed, there are two grizzlies pictured here. This is all good information but with no mention of bear safety you are presenting them as teddys. I have tremendous respect for these beautiful animals as well a a healthy fear. Avoid bears and remove all attractants when out in the bush.

  • Anthony Prusky