All photography was originally monochrome, or black-and-white. Even after color film was readily available, black-and-white photography continued to dominate for decades, due to its lower cost and its “classic” photographic look.
The vibrancy of color can, at times, actually detract from the desired photographic effect. Subtle effects of texture and lighting that can be lost in color photographs will stand out in black and white photography.
Black and white photos can add an air of romance, class, timelessness and mystery to otherwise ordinary photographs.
Without the distraction of color, other elements of photography stand out in black and white photos.

I have included on this page pictures of animals in black and white color…

  • Beautiful! Nature will always be amazing! 😀

  • Tiptop

    Who are these by?
    Please credit artists when posting their work.

  • Jiwest20001

    so cute

  • Nice collection of images, but why would you take work and not credit the people who worked so hard to create such wonders? Shame.

  • Jabbracadabra

    These are amazing pictures. Excellent for scetchboard etching. I couldn’t possibly do themm justice, though .I’m not as good as Donna Carr.