Many people think that a cat is more exotic and fancy but I am here to inform you that you shouldn’t believe a word those crazy cat lovers say because dogs make the world go round here are 10 reasons why dogs are better then cats.

1.  You can train a dog better than a cat. Have you ever seen a cat sit on command? Roll over on command? Stay? Neither have I.


2.  Dogs are smarter. Have you ever seen a dog fall into a fish tank? I haven’t either.

3.  A dog can protect your home much better than a cat.

4.   Dogs are better suited to lead you to a more active lifestyle. Have you ever seen anyone walk their cat?

5. There are a lot of things cats will jump up on that dogs won’t. The cat I had for a month would NOT get off my computer keyboard. Dogs won’t do that. I’ve also seen cats up on kitchen counters. Your dog also won’t climb a tree.


6. Dogs are much more fun to play with than cats.

7. A dog knows when you’re sad. And he’ll try to comfort you. Cats don’t care how you feel, as long as you remember where the can opener is.

8. Dogs will wake you up if the house is on fire. Cats will quietly sneak out the back door.

9. Dogs are Happy. Dogs think your the best person in the world even if you are grumpy, when you come home from school or work your Dogs will be there licking your face and jumping around and they cant wait to see you, while cats don’t notice if you are there or not as long as they get their food.

10. Dogs Listen. When you talk to dogs they will make faces and tilt there head and try to work out what your saying while cats just meow and walk away.

I hope you agree with the above reasons if you have anything to add to the list or disagree with one of them just comment below.


  • unnoun

    o and who ever you are how made this up is wrong. my nabior walks cats all the time. o and you are wrong about # 5 cats go on computurekeyboard are hot just like cable boxes. Dogs don’t do that because they are big fat logs

  • cat lover

    YOU ARE WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • juicy ham bone

    i just wanted to hear some opinions but i have read every comment up to here D=
    but i do agree with Nathan the whole way through

  • pizza King

    I think Dogs r way better than Cats because cats r so lazy and dogs arent.

  • kenz


  • bugger

    Hey, thanks for the essay. We got an A. ;)

  • Abigail race

    I totally agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Both animals are great

    To cat lover:
    You act as though cats are the only animals abused, so everyone has to turn their full attention to them! All animals of all kinds are tortured and abused all around the world and the only one we need to pay attention to is cats? I don’t think so. I’m not saying we shouldn’t pay attention to cat/kitten abuse, we should, but that doesn’t mean we completely forget about other animals. We need to not just pay attention to CAT abuse, but ANIMAL abuse, all around the world. Just like ‘everyone just be quiet’ said, they’re both great animals that God created for us, so we need to love them both, not single out one and hate it.

  • Katie Cheetah

    1: dogs are cuter
    2: dogs are more playful
    3:dogs dont literally feel like sandpaper
    4: when u sick dogs lkay on ur lap

  • Tommo’s Girl

    Ahahahahaha. These comments are great. Why can’t we all be friends??

  • Dee

    Dogs are heroes, rescue dogs, companions to the handicapped and mentally disabled. Dogs are always on alert for trespassers and dangerous situations.

  • Ihatepeople

    Forget about hating cats or dogs, I am starting a new group, to hate people who write for the sake of hearing their own voice on the internet and add no value to society. It is only open to those worthy of human existence, so to you all, I thank you for shortening my lifespan but now I must go on to do something productive.

  • Frank

    Dogs are disgusting along with whoever wrote this poorly written article.

  • .

    Dog people can’t even put sentences together.

  • Dog lover

    Dogs are better then cats

  • Guest

    Dogs!!! Are better people

  • blech

    U SUCK

  • Dog Lord

    What are you gonna do? Put on a costume and run around saving cats from the ‘evil’ dog loving humans?

  • Swearing dude who loves dogs

    Shut the fuck up

  • Sara

    Scientists have proven that after losing someone cats comfort more that dogs, Cat are one of the smartest pets (much smarter than dogs), I thought my cat how to sit on command and stay, I walk my cat on the yard ( he is an indoor cat), When my cat wants to play he will chase me and want me to chase him (like tag) and he likes to play another version of hide and seek where I hide and he tries to find me, we have lots of other games dogs can´t play, always when I come home from school my cats wait by the window or by the door and always wants me to pick him up and scratch him! I like dogs but if you have ever had a cat for more than one month you´ll see all of these ´reasons´are wrong

  • sara

    YAY!! Go you!