This article will try and provide interesting facts about coyotes that we think you weren’t aware of:

1. The coyote has a very developed sense of smell which he uses for finding food and avoiding dangerous predators. They use their smell to spot a prey that is scurrying below the snow.

2. Coyotes use a wide variety of vocalizations in order to communicate with one another. Howls, yelps, and high-pitched cries are best known, but they also bark, growl, wail, and squeal sometimes. Family groups yelping in unison can create the illusion of a dozen or more performing together. Coyotes are most often heard around dawn and dusk. However, they may respond to sirens and fire whistles at any time of day or night.

3. In order to not get detected by predators, sometimes coyotes walk on their toes to make as little noise as possible.

4. Just like dogs, coyotes use their urine in order to mark their territory.

5. Coyotes use holes for sleeping and when they give birth to their pups.

6. The coyote doesn’t hunt alone; usually they hunt in groups of 2-3.

7. Their diet consists of rabbits, insects, mice, fruits, lizards and other foods as well.

8. The coyote is able to detect hunters coming from a mile away or even more.

9. The coyote reaches a respectable speed of 40 miles per hour.

10. The main enemies of the coyote are bears, wolves and of course, humans. Coyotes are able to escape their enemies easier as they have great swimming abilities. They also regulate their body temperature by panting.

All in all, the coyote is one of the most interesting creatures on this earth and people should try giving them the attention they need.

  • poker11

    coyotes rock


  • poker11

    i cant believe people kill coyotes

  • poker11

    who likes coyotes a whole lot?

  • poker11

    coyotes rock

  • poker1234

    i cant believe people actually kill coyotes the people who kill them SUCK!!!! i luv coyotes if u luv them to tralk back

  • poker1234


  • paddlefoot

    I like roadrunners

  • Jamie Kelly 2456

    i have a coyote in my back yard every night and i alawys bangs on the back abd front door and there are more then three i read some articles an it sata to make noise i do tht and it just seems to get them angry the more we do it idk wht to do plz help :/

  • Charlie

    It’s probably more reasonable to get rid of people like who think that humans are superior creatures that can kill other animals just for their own confort.
    Coyotes are great animals and deserve to live just as any other creature on earth. If they became a nuisance in urban areas, it is only because of people.

  • Jason Miller

    Hey check out this action-packed story about Coyotes for Young Adults!

  • Arianna Canada


  • Arianna Canada

    love them

  • Denise

    Coyotes are beautiful animals yes but, they are also very dangerous to small dogs. In rural areas they will attack & eat them. How would you feel if a coyote came into your yard, killed and ate your beloved pet? Those are the coyotes that need to be destroyed before they can do it again.

  • Xlandria

    I cannot believe someone, like you, could really post something so unreadable as you did. This only goes to show how uneducated some people are.

  • Xlandria

    When civilization, as we know it, comes to an end, Coyotes will survive. They even eat roaches.

  • Xlandria

    We have a 1/2 Shepard, 1/2 Coyote that roams our neighborhood. When I first saw him his hip bones & ribs were showing. I now feed him a large bowl of dog food every night and he is looking really good. He doesn’t bother my cats at all, as they are always around. Coyotes are not playful, yet when I say to him, “You want dinner?” He jumps up and down, wags his tail, and I swear he smiles. It’s very cool at night to hear him howl, and yes, he also barks.

  • Xlandria

    You are an ass to talk like that.

  • Xlandria

    We, humans, are to be the caretakers of animals. That’s why God gave us dominion over them. It is our job to care for creatures, not annihilate them just to make our life easier. When we take it upon ourselves to kill animals just to make our life easier, or to mount their heads on a wall, is just plain barbaric. If you kill an animal for your own survival and use the carcass for clothing & food is one thing, but just for sport is plain wrong.


    coyotes are in every state with the exception of Hawaii. they feed on everything ,including dogs and cats. they kill 2 out of three baby deer.
    they eat turkey eggs, baby turkeys. rabbits etc. KILLING COYOTES IS VERY COOL!


    you people need to read.

  • lbett

    coyotes, kill kittens, cats, puppies dogs, turkeys, quail, opposums, foxes, sheep, calves, goats, quail and turkey eggs, chicken eggs. Coyotes r stone cold killers, they eat caught prey alive, do not kill the animal first. Coyotes r extremely smart, and alert. I have and will kill every coyote I can and will. I have absolutely no remorse to the coyotes extermination. Coyotes carry rabies manage and other diseases. I totally respect there intelligent way of survial, but I will and can help with the coyotes extermination. THERE R A VARMIT.

  • glados

    Glad theres another Christian save coyotes no killing’em

  • Marya


  • DawgReaper

    Coyotes attack cattle constantly. The worst during calving season seen it where a cow was having twins in the middle of the night and within an hour as we did the next round of checking a group of coyotes had ate the first birn one and were in the process of eating the second one which was only half way out of its mother. I hunt coyotes completely for the sport of it and to take there fur as my trophy.
    “Whack em’ and Stack em’ ND Style”

  • rainey ingle

    I hate coyotes they should all die!!!!!!!! If you lived in the country around mean coyotes you would hate them!!!

  • Andrea

    I HATE it when people abuse them for meat and wool .
    So poor things being killed

  • Lyle

    A pack of coyotes killed one of my dogs which might have been preganant with pups. I am now going hunting with a group of guys to kill every single damn coyote that gets in my way.

  • Lyle

    well Jamie all you need is a buzuka or a shotgun and that’ll do the job for ya!:)

  • Alexandria The Great

    well for one Marya or whoever you are my dog just got killed by a damn fricken coyotes and two I got a line up for those who want to kill them b/c they were right by my farm place. We are now getting a hunt party together to kill them nuisances, so suck it bitch. Or get killed by the coyotes you (love) BY


    that’s crul to kill coyotes. WHAT DID THE COYOTES DO TO YOU?!?!?

  • mike

    This helped me for a project
    and not cool killing coytes

  • bob

    The coyote population is so thick that they are freezing to death during the winter from the spread of mange.

  • tina miconigtv

    ya i agree

  • tina miconigtv

    thar sooo cute!!


    I hear us bud,they are taking down our goats,also!!!Good luck hunting,kill the backyards! These people who are b.itching about killing cohorts are ignorant AHOLES,my neighbor witnessed her dog getting drugged off by one!


    Alexander the great,the post I sent u was from me,AMERICAN CITIZEN


    They killed my beloved dog and 3of my goats YOU ASSHOLE!!!!


    Absolutely Robert Burton!!!


    Your so right,all these ASSHOLES how are so sorry about killing coyote never seen one take away your best friend ,MY DOG!


    I am a Christian also,what the hell does that anything to do with this!!!!YOU EAT BEEF DON’T YOU?Look up on the internet how they kill cows so u can eat your Steak!

  • TacoTruck

    they’re pretty cool , i guess

  • lilmsvisa

    Some of these comments are absurd. Like the one that says a list of all the animals coyotes kill and uses it as justification to kill them. Humans kill all of those animals and more, plus do far more damage to the earth and its habitats. I am also pretty sure I have had a beloved cat killed by a coyote and while I was sad about this, I understood it as a more natural part of life than any havoc we as humans impose on each other or other species we coexist with. On the flip side I also had a husky pup about a year old who ran off with coyotes for about a week. He came back home and seemed like he just had the time of his life. Like all creatures the coyote is complex. Until everyone learns that the survival of one species depends on the survival of many others, the future of this planet will continue to look bleak. A side by side comparison of the so called crimes of humanity and the crimes of coyotes would show ours far out weigh theirs. People continue to take everything from animals ad leave nothing behind, at the expense of our eventual destruction, and that my friends is ignorant.

  • sally

    You are a douche bag. Kill as many douche bags as possible

  • Brielle

    The us government has killed at least 500,000 coyotes costing tax payers 30 million dollars.