This article will try and provide interesting facts about coyotes that we think you weren’t aware of:

1. The coyote has a very developed sense of smell which he uses for finding food and avoiding dangerous predators. They use their smell to spot a prey that is scurrying below the snow.

2. Coyotes use a wide variety of vocalizations in order to communicate with one another. Howls, yelps, and high-pitched cries are best known, but they also bark, growl, wail, and squeal sometimes. Family groups yelping in unison can create the illusion of a dozen or more performing together. Coyotes are most often heard around dawn and dusk. However, they may respond to sirens and fire whistles at any time of day or night.

3. In order to not get detected by predators, sometimes coyotes walk on their toes to make as little noise as possible.

4. Just like dogs, coyotes use their urine in order to mark their territory.

5. Coyotes use holes for sleeping and when they give birth to their pups.

6. The coyote doesn’t hunt alone; usually they hunt in groups of 2-3.

7. Their diet consists of rabbits, insects, mice, fruits, lizards and other foods as well.

8. The coyote is able to detect hunters coming from a mile away or even more.

9. The coyote reaches a respectable speed of 40 miles per hour.

10. The main enemies of the coyote are bears, wolves and of course, humans. Coyotes are able to escape their enemies easier as they have great swimming abilities. They also regulate their body temperature by panting.

All in all, the coyote is one of the most interesting creatures on this earth and people should try giving them the attention they need.

  • brooke

    maybe instead of killing all coyotes, you just protect your dog better? put up a fence and let your dog in at night. they’re just hungry and pets can be easy prey, it’s not the coyotes fault for being an animal, he’s just doing what’s natural.

  • brooke

    deer are generally over-populating and that’s bad for the environment as a whole (and bad for the deer, they’re more likely to starve to death or be sickly). more coyotes=less deer= healthier habitats and more animals and animal diversity over-all.

  • animallover

    Coyotes are cool but they always true to kill or injure our horses.I myself like wolves better. I just think that people need to give them space and a little respect.

  • animallover

    Ur right Amanda

  • animallover

    Marian I don’t think people should go to jail but get their gun and permet takened away

  • animallover

    Brad u probably got a good reason to say that if they injure one of my animals I would say the same thing

  • animallover

    Well Lyle my friend would probable just nuke them cause that’s what he likes to say.
    I would do slow torture

  • chicken

    don care bout that they are predators thats how they survive. you crap

  • Eisenglass

    did his dog and 3 goats deserve to die? There are reasons there is a State bounty on Coyotes

  • Eisenglass

    then less coyotes..

  • Natalia Rose MacNeal

    Yah well when you have them eating your pets , you may shoot them too..

  • West

    So Sally, you’re saying kill as many people as possible???

  • West

    Absolutely! Coyotes are doing what they do to survive, so are those who hunt them!!! Neither are trying to be cruel!!

  • adam

    #stop killing coyotes

  • Dave

    I like Brad! All you tree huggers should realize over population creates disease ridden animals that need to be shot anyways. Shoot em all. Possibly gut shoot em so they run away to die and we won’t have to take care of their carcasses

  • Georgeann Scott

    Are coyote’s native to a specific region ?

  • don

    fuck your goats – you should have had a better eye on your dog.

  • don

    There is maybe 1 proven death from a coyote. yall group up now and kill ur yotess yeeeeeeehhaaaaaaaa, its bye red neck tard.

  • don

    actually they eat a lot of varmit and shit you don’t want around your house like snakes and rats. you have a small useless brain-

  • don

    I live near “mean” coyotes. My pets don’t get eaten. People are unaware, and lazy, etc. They don’t take care of the things they love and complain when they lose a pet etc. People are always looking for something to blame. Everyone thinks they are entitled to everything. If you care about the environment or preserving anything instantly your a “hippie”. Use your brain.

  • don

    Next time keep an eye on your best friend.

  • don

    Thank you for using your head and actually remembering their is two sides of the coin. You are the only comment on here that makes any sense.

  • coco

    i love coyotes

  • dyson

    kill them

  • Ht

    Brah stop killing coyotes.

  • Ht

    Your right willow

  • CommoSSG

    Uh, welcome to the discussion that is over 3 months old – and NO, I will not “Brah”…

  • Lynne

    Lynne – Coming from Wyoming there are from time to time coyote hunts. One such disgusting hunt killed 200 and they were layed side by side for our local newspaper. The howl heard from people who really understand coyote breeding was heard around the state. Coyotes have larger liters based on lean population. Few coyotes, more pups born – large population, fewer pups. The coyotes are friends to rancher by keeping mice, ground squirrels, and praire dogs population down, but that’s not the way the ranchers in our state see it. Hard living in my state with the backward thinking of so many who sit in power.

  • nataly

    poor things

  • nathan

    F coyote they killed ma best hunting dogs

  • gianna musto

    Yeah i totally agree coyotes r awesome. They’re just so unpredictable tho. like theres a family of coyotes in my neighborhood that have already killed two pet puppies in their fenced yards…

  • Megan Recalcati

    would you want somebody killing you I don’t think so

  • Andree Golden

    you are so right humans always justify genocide the worse of all the animals is man so sad ;(

  • rita

    Just heard the tires squeal, a thud, and watched a coyote take its last breath. Beautiful creature. Broke my heart. Pulled it off road and Awful, but glad it died because I don’t know what I would have had to do if it was suffering. Mom has cats that are indoor/outdoor. Not happy coyotes are literally in front yard. But, where are they to go when the brand new Costcos complex down the road bulldozed their environment??? Ick.

  • Robert Woodard

    the only good coyote is a dead coyote.

  • Derkmeister

    I don’t really believe in god but it kinda became our role to protect and fix this planet because we screwed it up.

  • Derkmeister

    With your logic, you are saying we should kill as many people as possible.

  • Derkmeister

    Lots of people eat the same things so shut up

  • Derkmeister

    What about bobcats, mountain lions, raccoons, and owls? do they need to be destroyed as well?

  • lucy

    I absolutely love this website it gave me 80% of the information I needed

  • lucy

    I think they are amazing and so adorable as pups

  • Xlandria

    This is still a viable conversation. Having said that, everyone needs to put their emotions aside a minute and think logically. 1. More coyotes and other predators are being seen which leads to these animals, when hungry, to catch whatever they can. Anything or anyone that breathes, on this planet, human as well as animal, have an inherent will to survive, above all else. 3. It is the human animal who has been encroaching into the homes of these animals, not the other way around. But knowing that does not solve the problem, does it? And the first thing man thinks to do is to slaughter the offending animal. Man, the most dangerous animal known, uses this as a reason to kill. A thinking person will come to a different idea. Control the numbers thru humane trapping, spay the females & neuter the males. not all of course, but they have to be brought back to where they were caught. Coyotes cannot be relocated as they will always return their ‘home’. And sometimes a bothersome one will need to be destroyed, that’s just a fact. Control the number of coyotes, and there will be more food to go around, if they are still feasting on your pets, they don’t have enough food. The solution to that is that a managed feeding arrangement needs to be implemented at an area away from people. I can figure out why some people just can’t or won’t look outside the box for alternatives. It is inhumane to allow an animal to starve to death but some straw for brains can’t see that far ahead. When you kill off wild predators, then who or what will protect you from an obvious invasion of rabbits, snakes and the other things they eat? Everything has a purpose to keep nature in balance but leave it to us to think we can rework it? Control is the only answer and I do really feel for those of you who have lost a much loved 4-legged family member because a little over 2 years ago I had 2-8 year old sister cats that I had raised from the age of 4 days old. TuTu was the Princess of where we live. Everyone loved he & she loved everyone, even dogs. One morning our irresponsible neighbor’s 2 Pit Bulls escaped their yard – AGAIN -this time ending up in our yard; That beast chased her under the neighbor’s 5th Wheel trailer, over a fence and that’s the last anyone saw her, These people were identified by a neighbor & we found out the male dong, 2 weeks prior attempted an attack on another neighbor’s Grandson’s Boxer.
    These people never had the balls to respond to a letter I sent, no apologies, not even a ‘kiss my arse”. Given the attitude of some on here, I should hate all Pitt Bulls. Do I? NO, for one thing, that wouldn’t bring TuTu back. My preferred treatment of these people was to sit across the street from their house and stare. The owner didn’t allow pets, they had said the got rid of the dogs, until I called, he thought they had. He is elderly & lives several hours away, so he sold the house & they had to move. I watched the pack up even. Killing TuTu broke my heart, she was like a child to us. So I do know. Please think about what I’ve written here, see if you can get something going in your area.
    Thank you

  • Mason

    we give them attention they need? there killing helpless dogs

  • adrian

    dont kill the coyotes people

  • brad

    I have to say that I am a predator hunter. The only reason I hunt them is because they have few, if any, natural predators in the southeastern portion of the United States. In the northeast areas they are killing off an endangered species of caribou. Looking at that fact and what they are doing to the deer population in the southeast they need to be thinned out. Plus they breed about 3 times a year with a litter containing 4 to 6 pups that reach maturity in 8 months, I don’t think we’ll hurt their numbers to the point of being endangered.

  • school report

    it is not I don’t like need to stop just sad looking at it dead omgggggggggggggggggggg

  • Ryan

    People love these animals? I’ve known these animals to be nothing but pest, there killed live stock making farmers lose their profit, hell I’ve known wine makers who’ve had ten eat the grapes, t as well as having to deal wit drunk wild anamals, people i know have been attack just from warching a pathway in a city, and if your going to say peta, might want to look into some of the bs they do, coyote’s are nothing but fur on a stick to me,

  • Hhggcgghh

    I love coyotes so much I would get one for a pet.

  • cololhu

    screw that kill them all!! if it hops it flops screw oyoes the don’t do anything good for us and if u like them that means u never go in the woods and care about the deer populations coyotes are bad and even a dead monkey would agree u dumb asses