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This is the first post of a series: the best twitter animal pictures of the week. This week, sleeping dogs!

Who says that dogs can’t be sleepyheads? Here you have the cutest sleeping dogs from our twitter feeds. Each one on their own style, with their tongue out, tummy up, with their friends, sideways… No matter which way, sleeping like their life was on it.

They are so cute when they sleep, looking so sweet and tender. We have taken the liberty of naming the sleeping style for each doggy.

For cute doggy lovers, here you have the top 10 cute sleeping dogs pictures. Who can’t resist to have a look?


1. This style is a usual case hanging my head out, maybe they’ll feel sorry and bring me a bigger bed! Sleeping dogs don’t care about space 🙂


2. Here we have the most common style, the ”ninja”, there has been some fight for the comfiest place. The easiest solution is to just sleep over.


3. This cute Boxer is in heaven! What a cute face he has. This style is named: Danger, we’re sleeping dogs about to drool!


4. This is closer to an advanced dance style than a sleeping position. It’s so cute!


5. It is clear that this cute doggy has fallen asleep after lunch. This is a good siesta style, sleeping dogs don’t have to work in the afternoon.


big black dog sleeping


6. This style is named: Have you seen the couch? Not anymore, because it is mine. Nowadays doggies don’t waste time, they’ve kicked us out of our own couch!


7. This style is the most epic, named as: happy tummies, don’t disturb, we’re busy sleeping dogs!


8. This style is the sweetest. These doggies are so cute. This is a clear example of good friendship.


9. Recharging energy style, please turn off the light, they’re annoying me… otherwise I won’t be recharged to play with the ball again, as a sign of goodwill I’m stretching my legs so please hear me and turn off the light.


10. This style is called: “please do not disturb, I’m way too comfy between blankets. Do you think I’m cute while I’m sleeping?


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