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You’ve heard of the cat in the hat. Now meet the cat in the vat. It certainly seems that Ksyusha the kitten has got herself into an impossibly tight spot. But according to her owner she has no problem escaping the glass container, rather like a feline Houdini. ‘It looks like she is stuck, but… Read More

Earlier this month, Sweden’s Parken Zoo welcomed two new Sand Cat kittens. Small and stocky, the Sand Cat’s oversized ears help to dissipate heat and detect prey scurrying along the sand, much like the Fennec Fox. Watching the curious kittens exploring their enclosure can’t help but make you think of their domestic cousins. Photo Credits: Mats… Read More

The world’s fastest man adopted the animal kingdom’s fastest sprinter on Monday, as Usain Bolt welcomed a baby cheetah named Lightning Bolt into his life. The Jamaican sprinter’s sponsorship of the three-month-old male cheetah is part of an effort to boost Kenyan conservation efforts. The survival of the country’s famous wildlife is threatened by trophy… Read More