While some animals use the camouflage techniques to match the background, others show everything they have. Check out our list of the most incredible transparent creatures.

Jellyfish is probably one of the most well-known transparent creatures. Their bodies consist of over 95% water. And some jellyfishes are so transparent that it’s almost impossible to see them.


Glass Frog
While the main color of a glass frog is primarily lime green, the abdominal skin is completely transparent!


Glass Catfish
An Asian glass catfish is named for it’s completely clear body color. It is transparent except for the head, bones, and the internal organs.


Piglet Squid
The Banded Piglet Squid’s name derives from its appearance. It has a round shape, due to its habit of filling up with water. Piglet Squid is mostly clear, but the pigment color under it’s eyes makes it looks like the squid always has a smile on its face!.


Transparent Ants
Ants with a translucent abdomen (ghost ants or Argentine ants) change color based on the color of the food they eat.


Tortoise Shell Beetle
It is not completely transparent, but it has almost invisible carapace. There’re a lot of different kinds of tortoise beetles, so the main color under their clear shell may vary a lot.


An oceanic animal called a salp is a barrel-shaped, planktonic tunicate. This creature is able to move by pumping water through its body.


Glass Shrimp
A Glass Shrimp or a Ghost Shrimp is so clear in appearance that it only has color of the food it has consumed.


Glasswing Butterfly
A beautiful Greta oto, also known as the Glasswinged butterfly, is so named because of its gloriously transparent wings. The Spanish name is “espejitos”, which translates as “little mirrors”.


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