Deep seas are probably the only places on earth where man hasn’t yet encroached upon nature. There is a good reason for that. High pressure, ocean currents, total darkness, dangerous creatures etc. don’t really appeal as a hospitable place to humans. However, photos and studies from deep sea explorers, divers and oceanographists never cease to amaze us.

Deep sea creatures are peculiar. They existed before us. And they will survive even after we perish. The creatures and the surroundings of the deep sea are nothing like what we normally see in the rest of the earth. However, they truly embody the meaning of ‘life’ on earth.



Leafy Sea Dragon - Deep sea fish

Leafy Sea Dragon



Panamic Fanged Blenny

Panamic Fanged Blenny

Red_Sea deep sea creatures

Deep Red Sea

Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon Fish


Anemone fish – Remember the movie Finding Nemo?


Orange Tessellated Blenny

Yellow Boxfish deep sea

Yellow Boxfish

puffer fish

Puffer fish

sea horse

sea horse


Keyhole limpet

Promachoteuthis sulcus Squid

Promachoteuthis sulcus Squid – The Famous Human Faced Squid

mantis shrimp

Mantis Shrimp


Nembrotha Kubaryana

Aren’t these magnificent deep sea animals really breathtaking? We told you so!
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