Winter has arrived and love is in the air! So you think you’re the only ones feeling mushy and cuddly in this season? Think again! Ever heard of animal love? Of course you have! Only this time, we are actually referring to the love between animals :).

These animals are a perfect example of how love is truly universal and limitless. Sometimes humans forget that we are also animals. Hence it should come as no surprise to us that every animal loves, cares and relates with it’s partner. And to celebrate this fact we have compiled a list of photos that signify the term animal love.

ferrets in heart love

This sleeping ferret couple = Love!

Cheetah animal love

Cheetah's have never looked more cute than this !

animal love lizard hug

You never imagined that lizards could hug so lovingly, now did you?

dragon fly romance

These dragon flies are lost in romance! Let's leave them in peace.

Flamingos animal Love

Flamingos - making a pink heart effortlessly

Snail slow Lovers

We are not the only one's with slow but steady relationships!

animal lovr - Panda couple passion hug

Move over bear hug - the Panda hug is the new global hug standard!

Swan Heart

There are no ugly ducklings here. Only mushy love.

Leapord couple getting mushy

Aren't they cute? Now here's a couple you don't wanna mess with!

snow monkeys holding hands

Makes one feel glad that we evolved from them 🙂 There's still hope for mankind!

persian leopard love bites

This Persian leopard is a born expert in hickeys! But you be careful...

affectionate white tigers

Love exists everywhere. It's in the nature of nature itself!

tortoise couple kiss old animal lovers

There is no sight as endearing as seeing old lovers who've never let the flame die!

Animals teach us how to live, love and evolve. These photos of  raw animal love show how adorable animals can be, when they are left undisturbed in their natural habitat. I’m sure that you’ll agree that it holds true for us humans too 😉

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