Dogs and humans have been living together for more than 20,000 years! You’d think we have already learnt all about one another in this time, but it turns out that most dog owners and pet lovers still don’t know some basic but crucial facts about their dogs.

Some of these little-known facts will not only help you understand your dog better, but might also help you understand some fundamental aspects of the health and wellness of man’s best friend!


1. Dogs are capable of understanding upto 250 words and gestures.

smart dogs understand 250 words

2. Dogs learn spoken commands better if taught in conjunction with hand signals or gestures.

give dogs spoken commands with gestures

3. Dogs are approximetly as smart as 2-3 yr old kids.

dogs are smart as 3 yr old kids

4.Dog nose prints are similar to human fingerprints.Hence, their nose prints can be used to identify them.

dog nose prints like fingerprints

5. The face of a dog’s shape can indicate its lifespan.

dogs face shape suggets lifespan

6. The fastest breed of dogs is the greyhound. It can reach upto 45mi/h (72.4205 km/h).

fastest dog greyhound reaches 45 mph

7. A new born puppy is born blind and deaf.

newborn puppy born blind and deaf

8. A dog’s wet nose allows it to collect more of the tiny droplets of smelling chemicals in the air.

dogs wet nose collect smelling chemicals

9. Dogs can actually see better in low light

dogs see better in low light

10. Caffeine and Chocolate consumption is bad for a dog’s health.

chocolate dangerous for dogs

11. Dogs can smell diseases with their nose.

dogs can smell diseases

12. The most common female and male dog names are Maggie and Max.

maggie and max most common dog names

13. Labrador retriever is the most popular dog breed in Canada, USA and UK.

Labrador is the most popular dog in USA



14. Dog’s like silly fun! No, really. Be silly and jump around. They love  it.

Dogs like silly fun

Did you know: it’s been proven that petting dogs lowers the blood pressure of dog owners. Dogs are incredible animals which have been a part of human history across the world in all ages. Do you own dogs? We’d love to share your dog pictures and stories! You can also connect with us on Facebook  and twitter.


  • ELBSeattle

    1) You can’t just list a bunch of random statements and pretend they are true without citing sources. Otherwise they are just a bunch of random statements.
    2) “Approximetly?”
    3) “Dog’s?

    Yeah … uh … no.