The Himalayas is a mountain range than spans across countries like India, Tibet, China and their neighboring countries. Thanks to the massive size of the Himalayas, it’s home to a wide variety of animals. Some of these Himalayan animals are native to the range. i.e. these animals cannot be found in any other part of the world.

Since the Himalayas have some of the highest peaks on earth e.g. Mount Everest, it’s cold and snowy throughout the year. Hence the Himalayan animals have adapted to the climatic and environmental conditions over years of evolution. Most of these animals are thick skinned, have heavy furs, hooved feet etc. As you can imagine, these animals are phenomenal; in their appearance as well as their mannerisms.

Giant panda on himalayan mountain

giant panda on himalayan mountain

2. The colorful Himalayan Monal pheasant

Colorful Himalayan Monal pheasant

3. A flock of Blue Sheep (Bharel) in the Himalayas

Blue Sheep (bharel) flock in himalayas

4. Maginificiently horned Argali Sheep

Argali Sheep with maginificient horns

5. Snow Leopard

snow leapord in himalayas

6. Domesticated Yak in Tibetan Himalayas

domestic yak in tibet

7. The eastern kiang (Equus kiang holdereri)

Equus kiang holdereri in himalayas

8. Black necked Tibetan crane

Tibetan black necked crane

9. Himalayan Takin

Takin in Tibetan himalayas

10. Himalayan Marmots


11. The markhor (Capra falconeri)


12. Central Chinese Goral


13. Red panda

red panda sitting on himalayan tree

14. Himalayan tahr

himalayan tahr standing on a rock

15. Himalayan Pika

Himalayan Pika

The Himalayas is often called as the home of the gods. These animals give a glimpse of how life in heaven must be like! Have you ever seen these himalayan animals? We’d love to share your photographs and experiences with our community of animal lovers!

  • caitlin larsen

    the legendary yeti lives in the himilayas too right?

  • caitlin larsen

    la yeti

  • jay

    That’s not a black necked crane it’s a black necked stork.

  • kris

    i dont get you people with these scary pics of animals

  • MiST

    Good to know what i will be hunting in Far Cry 4

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    Why should not your tender form expire,
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    Why should not a being such as me,
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  • Harmony

    Never even heard of some of these!

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  • Keith Brown

    Those sheep are not Bharal . They are just domestic sheep

  • Turbulent

    I live on a farm with domestic sheep and these look different. They are not domestic sheep!

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